hopTo Work MAX - Mobile App eXperience

MAX allows you to control the transformation of your applications and lets you decide how best to mobilize each application to accommodate your users' needs.

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Our platform extends your corporate security to your user devices

hopTo Work leverages your existing Windows® infrastructure to provide a comprehensive secure solution that transforms mobile productivity across your organization.

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Corporate data stays safe - in your network, NOT on the device

hopTo Work enables remote document editing from the corporate network. Documents are saved directly to cloud storage, SharePoint, or a network share. There is no security breach due to a lost or stolen device since documents are never stored on the device.

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Leverage your existing infrastructure

hopTo Work eliminates the need to buy additional hardware or software. Once the user device is enabled, applications, documents and email are instantly accessible and remain secure.

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Quick, simple and zero-hassle installation

hopTo Work can be installed in minutes on your Windows® server without the need for advanced IT expertise and in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.Install the hopTo Work Agent on your remote enabled host server. Then simply add new devices and users whenever you want.

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