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hopTo Launches hopTo Work, a Secure Mobile Productivity Platform for Small and Midsized Businesses and Enterprise Customers

John Catenzaro
posted this on November 10, 2014, 11:21 AM

Efficient and Secure BYOD in an Instant with hopTo Work


CAMPBELL, Calif., Nov. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- hopTo (HPTO), developer of the most comprehensive mobile productivity platform, today announced the launch of hopTo Work, a secure mobile productivity platform for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) and enterprise level companies. The hopTo Work platform offers instant BYOD functionality by providing a secure and flexible mobile workspace for accessing files, corporate email, SharePoint sites, and the organization's intranet web services and storage locations, all while providing full editing capabilities for Microsoft Office documents in a rich, touch-friendly user interface.

The BYOD market is booming. A recent MarketsandMarkets forecast stated the total BYOD and Enterprise Mobility market will grow from $67 billion in 2011 to $181 billion by 2017. Other sources state that in that same time period, two out of three companies will adopt a BYOD solution.

"We have taken an entirely different approach to BYOD that will provide the ultimate user experience while still meeting the needs of IT departments for corporate security and governance," said Eldad Eilam, President and CEO of hopTo. "We designed the hopTo Work platform to allow mobile business users access to their workplaces by leveraging the devices they are carrying in everyday life. This will deliver an instant BYOD solution that both IT departments and end-users can agree to implement and begin using immediately."

"What the hopTo team has accomplished is incredible. Rather than just shrink Windows onto a mobile device, hopTo has created a phenomenal, new mobile user experience," said industry expert Douglas Brown, President and Chief Editor of "hopTo Work delivers the best of both worlds: Secure BYOD using existing infrastructure with a powerful new mobile platform for users to get their work done. This is the new face of mobile computing."

hopTo Work alleviates the typical security concerns introduced when new mobility solutions are deployed by plugging into an organization's existing Microsoft Windows-based infrastructure to connect with the corporate network. It does not require any network configuration effort, which eliminates the complex planning and deployment stages required with other BYOD solutions.

Additionally, hopTo Work provides best-of-breed protection against data loss by ensuring that documents "live" on the server while being edited and viewed, rather than on the end-user's devices. As such, the organization retains full control over the flow of content, so documents are never at risk of leaking outside the organization.

The key features of hopTo Work include:

  • Seamless user experience as end-users leverage the devices that they already own and use
  • Ability to multitask using multiple tabs, enabling users to easily switch back and forth between projects
  • Touch-friendly access to all permitted documents accessible by a given user on the corporate network from a variety of sources such as SharePoint, local files, network shares, etc.
  • Access to all Windows applications
  • Rich, touch-friendly editing capabilities for Office documents (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) on the mobile device by leveraging an existing Microsoft Office installation on the back-end

In early 2015, hopTo Work will receive additional enhancements – such as support for secure web browsing through the corporate network as well as support for secure access to corporate email in a native iOS user interface – while still being kept securely on the server within the corporate data center.

hopTo Work is priced at $100 MSRP per user as a perpetual license, which includes the first year's maintenance and support. Further maintenance and support will be offered at $22 MSRP per year.  The hopTo Work iOS client will be available for download in the Apple App Store within the week upon completion of the standard Apple review process required for all apps and will be available for Android devices in Q4 2014.

About hopTo:

Founded in its current form in 2012, hopTo Inc. is an innovator of a unique mobile productivity workspace platform.  The hopTo mobile solution delivers an unparalleled user experience without compromising enterprise security.  hopTo brings a new standard of mobile productivity by enabling individuals to Search, Access, Create, Edit and Share content from their mobile devices, efficiently and effectively, by leveraging any combination of  on-premise or cloud stored content, documents and data as well as enterprise applications.  The company is based in Campbell, CA.

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