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John Catenzaro
posted this on November 7, 2014, 10:43 AM




When you install the hopTo Work Agent, a 30-day trial license is installed on the computer. The trial license allows up to 15 users to run hopTo Work concurrently. More than 15 different people can run hopTo Work during this period, but only 15 people can run hopTo Work at any given time.

After the trial license has expired, a permanent license must be activated on the computer, or the computer must be configured to use a license server on a different computer.

Activate a license

  1. Sign in to the computer as Administrator.

  2. Run the hopTo Work Control Panel.

  3. Click Licensing | Activate License.

  4. Enter a valid activation code.

  5. Under Number of seats to activate, select All.

  6. Click Activate.

Unlike trial licenses, which allow any user to run hopTo Work, permanent licenses can only be used by specific, named users.

Activate user authorization

To specify the users who are allowed to run hopTo Work:

  1. Run a text editor with elevated rights:

    a. Right-click on a shortcut to a text editor (for example, Wordpad) .

    b. Click Run as administrator.

  2. Open \Program Files\hopTo\LicenseMgr\hopto.opt in the text editor.

  3. Authorize users to run hopTo Work by adding a line such as the following for each user:

    INCLUDE core USER username
    (where username is a user name in lowercase characters).

  4. Save the file.

  5. Restart the hopTo Licensing server:

    a. Run the hopTo work Control Panel.
    b. If prompted, click Yes to the User Account Control dialog. c. Click Licensing.
    d. Click Restart server.

Note: In Windows, user names are not case sensitive. Users may enter their user names with lowercase and uppercase characters when they sign in to a server, but the user names must be in lowercase characters in the hopto.opt file.

If you have activated a license on one computer and you would like to move the license to another computer, you can return the license and then activate it on the other computer.


Return a license

1. In the Control Panel on the host computer, click Return License. 2. Enter the Activation Code of the license activated above.
3. Click
4. Restart the hopTo Licensing service.

If you want to activate a specific or partial number of seats, follow these instructions.

Partial activation

  1. In the Control Panel on the host, click Activate License.

  2. Enter the activation code.

  3. Under Number of seats to activate, select Quantity.

    (Note: You will generally know how many seats can be activated because you’ll know how many seats were purchased. Also, you’ll be able to sign in to the Flexera portal and view your licenses to see how many are available.)

  4. Click Activate.

  5. Restart the hopTo Licensing service.

If more than one hopTo server needs to be configured, follow the License Server instructions.

License server

  1. Install the hopTo Work Agent on another computer (Host 2) on the same network.

  2. Stop the hopTo License service on Host 2 to ensure that Host 2 is not using its local

    license server.

  3. Run the Control Panel.

  4. Click Licensing.

  5. Under License server, click Address.

  6. Enter the address of Host 1 in the edit field.

  7. Click Set server.

  8. On Host 1, turn off the Windows Firewall, or add a rule that allows connections on port