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How to Create a new Microsoft Excel Document

Shai Simchi
posted this on June 3, 2013, 10:51 AM

The hopTo app allows you to create Microsoft Excel documents directly from within the app. The newly created document is then saved in the cloud or PC storage location that you choose.

Follow these steps to create a new Microsoft Excel document:

Note: If you want the new file created in a specific folder, navigate to this folder first, and then follow the steps below. When not doing so from a specific folder, the new file will be created in the default location for each file source (such as the main folder for a cloud services file source and “My Documents” in a PC file source).

  1. From the home screen (or from any other screen in the app), tap and hold the green plus button.


  2. A drop-down list allows you to choose between creating a new Microsoft Excel or Word document. Pick the Excel option.


  3. Once you choose to create an Excel file, a new menu will appear listing your connected file sources. This is where you choose where you want to save your new Excel file.


  4. A round progress bar will be displayed until a new blank document opens up in a new tab ready for editing. It is initially named “Untitled Document.”  Note that the “X” icon (stands for Excel) next to the name.


  5. After making edits to the document, the Excel icon will change to a round green save button. You can tap on the save button at any time, which will open the “Save As” dialogue. Trying to close the tab without saving the changes will also trigger the “Save As” dialog. Name your file and tap on “Save” to save your document. It is now available on your chosen file source.

    Note: Available editing features for Excel documents are covered in separate articles.


  6. A “Save Status” message will be displayed once the document is saved.