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Reset your hopTo app device information on your iPad

Shai Simchi
posted this on August 22, 2013, 3:37 PM



The following steps will help you reset the hopTo account information on your mobile device. It will NOT reset any hopTo user information (for example user password) nor will it delete any file content.


hopTo wants to provide the most intuitive user experience possible. All of your mobile devices are automatically registered with hopTo at sign in allowing you to quickly access your files and applications as soon as the app launches. Therefore you are not required to enter your hopTo username every time the app launches.

But sometimes you want to use a different hopTo account or reset your device registration. In order to do that please follow these steps:

Stop the hopTo app

You must stop the iPad app before you do the reset. Without doing so, the app keeps running in the background and the reset does not take effect.

Click here for instructions on how to kill the app under iOS 6

Click here for instructions on how to kill the app under iOS 7 and iOS 8



Reset hopTo information

  • Navigate to the iOS system settings
  • Open the settings pane for hopTo
  • Activate "Reset All Settings" by switching the toggle to the "ON" position

Next time you launch the hopTo app all the user settings will be reset.