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Detailed file view - file operations

Shai Simchi
posted this on October 1, 2013, 5:28 PM

The detailed file view is another viewing option for your content that provides greater detail and additional functionality compared to the default grid view.  The detailed file view allows you to view your content in a list including the following attributes:

  • Name - The file name
  • Date Added - The date the file was added to the system
  • Date Modified - Last modification date
  • Size - The file size
  • Type - The file type (such as DOCX for word, PPTX for PowerPoint etc)

Just like the default grid view, the detailed file view allows various file operation depending on the file type such as: open, share, email and download.



To open a file simply tap it anywhere within its row and it will open in the current tab (not in a new tab).
For more operations tap and hold the file to bring up the file men



Available operations


To use the share functionality simply tap the share button.
The share functionality is provided by Apple's ios and the options available are dependent on the type of the file and also on the various apps that are installed on the iPad that can be used to sharing the specific file.




To e-mail the file simply tap the @ button in the menu.
For More information about using the e-mail functionality click here:
Sending a file using the hopTo app

Open file in new tab

To open the selected file in a new tab simply tap the appropriate button per the image above. The new file will be opened in a new tab and will be available for editing or viewing depending on the file type.

Save an image file to your iPad

Image files have an additional option of saving the image locally on the iPad
To save the selected image to your iPad simply tap the appropriate button shown in the image above.
Once the round progress bar has completed your image will be available on the iPad within the Photo galley app in the photos tab.




Delete a file

To delete a file tap the trash can button


Add/remove from favorites


To add a file to the favorites (available on hopTo's home page) tap the favorites start button. The star will then become blue (If the star is already blue that means it is already in the favorites and tapping it will remove it from the favorites and turn the star back to the default white)