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Using the search functionality

Shai Simchi
posted this on October 17, 2013, 2:42 PM

The hopTo app allows you to search through all the files that are available for viewing and editing through the hopTo app.

Click here to view the searchable folders

While the search functionality can find and will display in the search results all file types, please note that the hopTo app currently supports specific file types for viewing and editing.

Click here to see the supported file types

Full content search

Full content search is currently available only for documents stored on your PC. When entering a search string into the search field hopTo will search for documents containing the search string in the name and content of the document.
For all other file sources the search is performed for the name of the document only.

Using the search functionality

  1. In the hopTo app you will notice the search bar in the upper part of the screen.
    Tap the 'Search' word to launch the keyboard. You will notice the cursor flashing in the search field area. This is where you type your search string


  2. When you start typing your search string the search functionality automatically starts searching and matching files that start with the letters in your search. for example in the screen shot below you can see that typing the search string 'Examp' bring back results that starts with these letters. The results include both files and folders that are matching.


  3. The search returns results from the searchable folders on your computer, as well as from cloud services if you have set them up through the hopTo app.
    For guidance on how to set up cloud services please click on:
    Note that the icon next to the file/folder name of each result designates its origin so you can tell if the document was found on your PC or on a cloud service.