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Viewing image files on the hopTo app

Shai Simchi
posted this on October 17, 2013, 5:24 PM

The hopTo app gives you easy access to image files that are stored on your PC or on a variety of cloud services. You can view individual images, view multiple images as a slide show and even save images to your iPad.

To open a file image simply tap on any image thumbnail from either the grid view or the detailed file view (or tap and hold then choose to open the image in a new tab). The image will open up and a tool bar will be available at the bottom of the screen



Save image to iPad

To save the selected image to your iPad simply tap the appropriate button shown in the image above.
Once the round progress bar has completed your image will be available on the iPad within the Photo gallery app in the photos tab.


To use the share functionality simply tap the share button from the task bar.
The share functionality is provided by Apple's ios and the options available are dependent on the type of the file and also on the various apps that are installed on the iPad that can be used to sharing the specific file.
Example of the sharing options available by ios for an image file:



Full screen

Tapping the full screen button will bring the image into full screen mode and remove the tool bar and the top menu from the screen. To go back to normal view tap the screen and tap the same button (arrows are now different direction for going out of full screen mode)

Slide show functionality

The slideshow functionality consists of 3 different buttons: Play (and pause), next image and previous image. 
The functionality is very straight forward

  • Next image - Tap this button to move forward to the next image in the folder (available only if there is more than one image in the folder and if the image displayed is not the last image in it)
  • Previous image - Tap this button to move backwards to the previous image in the folder (available only if there is more than one image in the folder and if the image displayed is not the first image in it)
  • Note that instead of tapping the next and previous button you can swipe your finger over the screen. Swipe left for next and right for previous images.
  • Play (Pause) - Tapping the play button starts a slideshow of the images in the folder. Each image will be played for 5 seconds. The images are displayed in full screen mode and tapping is required to get the tool bar to display again. Tapping the pause button stop the slideshow and brings back all menus.