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Checking if a software update is available for your PC

Shai Simchi
posted this on November 5, 2013, 11:23 AM

hopTo is continuously working to improve the software we provide to our users and hence updates will be made available from time to time.
The PC connector checks for updates every 24 hours and when a software update for your PC is made available you will be notified.

You can also proactively check if a software update is available. In both cases here are the steps to update the hopTo software on your PC:

  1. Locate the hopTo icon in your system tray (lower right hand corner of screen)

    icon 2.png

  2. Click the hopTo icon once to bring up the menu. Click on the 'Check for updates...' option


  3. If your software is up to date you will get a relevant message

  4. If your software requires an update you will be promoted to perform the next steps for the installation of the newer version


  5. Click on 'Install update' to accept the new version and start the download process

  6. Once the download has finished click the 'install' button to start the installation


From this point the installation process is similar to a regular (clean) installation.
Click here for details on how to install hopTo on your PC