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How to Edit a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet from the hopTo Work Application

John Catenzaro
posted this on August 1, 2014, 9:18 AM


Editing an Excel spreadsheet

To open an Excel spreadsheet, tap the document in the hopTo Work Workspace.

Editing features

All your editing features are in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. When you tap a feature, the keypad appears with the toolbar at the top.



Formatting fonts

Tap Aa Format to display the font formatting toolbar.


 Tap the font name, for example, Calibri to display all the fonts available to you as shown in the next screen




Swipe the toolbar left and right to choose the font you want.



When you tap the color bucket symbols, a color spectrum toolbar appears for either filling a cell with color or changing a font color.



Edit a text cell

Tap Edit to display the edit toolbar.


Tap fx to change to the functions keypad for entering numbers


Edit numeric cells

Tapping fx gives you numeric functions.