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How to Edit a Microsoft PowerPoint Document with the hopTo Work Application

John Catenzaro
posted this on August 1, 2014, 9:20 AM

Editing PowerPoint presentations

To open a PowerPoint presentation, tap the .ppt or .pptx file in your hopTo Workspace.

Editing features

All the editing features are located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.





Formatting fonts

Tap Aa Format to display the font toolbar.




Adding presenter notes

Adding notes to your slides is quick and easy. Tap Notes in the toolbar to display the text editor. Tap to display the keypad and enter your text. Tap Done when you’re finished. The notes are saved for the corresponding slide. To view the notes, tap Notes.



Inserting images and text box

Tap Insert to display the insert toolbar. You can insert an image from your device or directly from the Web




Insert a text box

To insert a text box, tap Text on the toolbar. The keypad appears, and the text box is marked with a border for resizing. Within the border, you can add text, change the text, and use the edit functions for cut, copy, delete, move front, and send back.



Add a new slide

To add a new slide, tap the + symbol at bottom left. In this example, we added a new slide after slide #5. Our new slide is #6.



Viewing the presentation in slide show mode

Quickly switch to full-screen, slide show mode by tapping the “TV monitor” icon on the toolbar.



In slide show mode, tap anywhere on the screen to display the slide show toolbar. Using this toolbar, you can advance your slide show view, drop back to a previous view, and end the show.




Here are examples of adding the bulleted points to the view using the slide show toolbar



After you’ve sequenced through all of the elements of the slide, you can either move to the previous slide, move on to the next slide, or end the show