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How do I use hopTo Work to access my Google Drive documents?

John Catenzaro
posted this on August 1, 2014, 5:52 PM

You can use the hopTo iPad app to access and edit documents that are stored in your Google Drive Account.  

To connect to your cloud sources or device, tap the gear icon on the Workspace Tab:


Tap the icon representing Google Drive in the list of Cloud Sources on the Your Settings display



You will then be presented with the login panel provided by Google Drive:


Enter your Google Drive credentials and Sign-In.  You may also be asked to confirm access for the hopTo application.

After you have successfully signed into your Google Drive account, your Google Drive Source Icon will look like this on the settings panel:



When you close the exit the settings panel your workspace screen will display the Google Drive Icon:




You can now access your Google Drives files by tapping on the Google Drive icon 

When you tap the "All files" button, you will see the Google Drive designation on files in your Google Drive Account:




If you would like to disconnect your Google Drive account from hopTo, return to the settings tab and select the Google Drive icon.  You will then be presented with a logout dialog: