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hopTo MAX 1.1 Features for Android

John Catenzaro
posted this on August 6, 2015, 9:23 AM

The hopTo Work Mobile App eXperience (MAX) allows you to transform Windows applications and lets you mobilize each application to best fit your users’ needs.

Using MAX 1.1 features in Remote Apps

MAX 1.1 offers a number of features for Remote Apps in the hopTo workspace that further enhance the user’s experience.

Please note: Version 2.3 on the Android client requires a connection to the 2.3 version of the hopTo Host Agent.

The Auto Zoom feature

If the Auto Zoom feature is turned on (by default, it is on), when you open any remote app it will automatically zoom in. This example shows a screen in QuickBooks Pro that was automatically zoomed in and fills the workspace .




Modify the AutoZoom feature

The AutoZoom button on the menu bar lets you enable and disable this feature. When you enable this feature, the app zooms in.




When you disable this feature, the app is reduced to its original size.




Editing text

In a remote app, such as WordPad, the MAX Editor offers some very handy editing features that let you quickly perform certain tasks, such as cut or copy and paste.

Touching the text field once will automatically display the keypad.




Once you enter some text, if you press and hold the text for a few seconds and then release, a quick-edit menu from the Edit menu on the toolbar appears. In this example, we’ll touch Select.





The word features is highlighted. We’ll next touch Copy. The quick-edit menu disappears to let you navigate to the location you want to paste the text. 




Touch the location where you want to paste the text and the quick-edit menu reappears with a choice of Select, Select All, and Paste. 





Touch Paste, and you’ll see your copied text.




Magnifying text

Sometimes text can appear quite small on devices, so one of the great MAX Editor features is a magnifying “glass”, which lets you read more comfortably.

Touch and hold the text until the magnifying “glass” appears. Then slide the glass to read the text.